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Merit Badge – troop only

Personal Fitness Merit Badge

I’d like to get a group together for the Personal Fitness Merit Badge, starting in January. This is an Eagle required badge and needs 90 days of tracking physical activity. 

The first requirement of the badge involves a health exam from a doctor – which needs to happen as a first step so please arrange for this appointment and bring the form to your doctor:


More to follow in January. We’ll also be looking for help from older scouts.


Jon Kawaja


Health Forms submitted for summer camp, rafting, etc. within the last 12-months can be used.

Cooking Merit Badge Class – January 11, 2015

cookingLet’s slam some pots and pans! We are happy to announce your chance to work towards earning the Cooking merit badge, which is an Eagle-required merit badge. It is a fun project, but one that requires several steps, with pre-requisites, and many that can only be done on a camping, backpacking or hiking trip. For this reason, this merit badge needs some careful planning.
There are 8 requisites to earn this merit badge, as outlined here:
Three BS parents are going to be your cooking merit badge counselors:
Req. 1 and 5 – Jackie Kubicka
Req. 3 and 6 – Sylvia Constanz
Req. 2, 4, 7, and 8 – Sofie Vandeputte
Enrollment is open to all BS. However, for requirement 5, 6, and 7, only boys who already have done the cooking for advancement towards Tenderfoot, First Class, and Second Class can fulfill these requirements. Continue reading

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