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Adding Posts, Pages and Media to our Website

We need contributors to this website to keep it active and current

Please contact the webmaster to get  Author or Editor privileges if you would like to contribute to this website. WordPress is fairly straightforward with a MS Word like editing page where you can add and edit content.

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Once you are registered as an Author or Editor you will be able to add Posts, Pages, Events and Media. When you first register you will be a Subscriber or Viewer only. Once the webmaster upgrades your account to enable you to add content you will see a black menu bar across the top of the page with the +New option whenever you log in. This is where you add anything you want.

wp edit menu

Before you Post any content you must agree to the Troop 64 Website Code of Conduct.


+New Post


When you click +New>Post you will see an editable page with an MS Word like area to layout text and add images or videos.
Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 5.13.59 AM, Oct 22, 2014
There is an Add Media button just below the title area to add an image to the to Post. You can then follow the menus to upload an image and insert it wherever you wish. You can hover over the image and select the edit icon, then select left, right, center, none to lay it out, add links etc.Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 5.55.28 AM, Oct 22, 2014
When you click on the pencil button you will be brought to a image layout page.  Explore all the icons on this page to see what they do.
You can select whether you want a Comments section at the bottom of your post. You can change the author or even elect to share the post on Facebook. The Screen Options at the top of the edit page turn on and off some of the editing areas of the page. Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 5.18.21 AM, Oct 22, 2014

Categories (-> IMPORTANT)

Select a Category on the right of the edit page. This is important. The post will automatically be listed according to the category selected: Announcements, Camping, Eagle Scouts, Merit badges-public are examples of categories that go to the front page and you will see examples of them there already. Documents, Downloads, Eagle Project Books, Meeting Plans, Merit Badges-troop only  go to the Members only area. If you add a new category let the webmaster know if you want it restricted to the members only pages. By default new categories are created in the public areas. If you need a new members only category then publish your post as a draft and notify the webmaster to exclude your new category from the public areas.  Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 5.59.06 AM, Oct 22, 2014


Tags are keywords that help readers search for a topic. They are different than Categories which are used to sort files and posts. Categories can be thought of as file folders, or binders, that contain all like information. Tags are just keywords to search on. For example, there may be Posts in Announcements and Camping categories, events in the Calendar, documents in the Meeting Plans all referring to Point Reyes National Seashore ,the Portola Valley Picnic, or to a hiking trip.   To a Post you are writing announcing a camping trip, you might think of adding the tags: hiking, camping, and Point Reyes. Someone looking for ideas for hikes in the Camping category will view any hike ever planned during a hiking trip when they search the hiking tag. Try to use Tags that someone else has already defined by using the Choose from the most used tags link.
Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 6.26.55 AM, Oct 30, 2014


The first time you hit the publish button your post will go out to all subscribers to the site.  You can preview the post before you publish, or you can publish it as a draft first. Though you can always edit it after you publish it will only be sent out once so if you preview it first you can avoid some embarrassment by proof reading for typos, spelling errors, and bad grammar first.
You can choose to make post private by choosing Block this post in the menu you see in the upper right area of the edit page . You can also choose the date. Posts get listed in reverse chronological order, and you can choose the date it will be posted or should have been posted so you can post things in the past if you are adding something as a record or archive.
 Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 5.21.25 AM, Oct 22, 2014


+New Page


Looks just like the +New Post but there are no categories to choose, and it will not show up anywhere unless the webmaster adds it to a menu, or you link to it from another post. Pages are static areas of the site. If you want your new page on the Menu let the webmaster know where in the Menu you would like to see it. If it is not on a menu you will not be able to get to it without knowing its URL.  Pages are great if you want a static page that you want to link to from your posts.   You edit an existing Page or add new Pages just like Posts. Pages are useful for timeless content that you always want on the site and update infrequently, or is not dated like an announcement would be.


+New Event


This is like a +New Post but has areas for date and time, venue, location, links, event cost etc. It has different set of Categories that determine where it shows up on the Calendar. You can add new categories just like in Posts. Categories are important so always add them. This allows searching for events. Readers can subscribe to the calendar.  Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 6.01.34 AM, Oct 22, 2014


+New Media (You will typically do this when adding Posts, Pages, Events)


TScreen Shot 2014-10-22 at 5.33.34 AM, Oct 22, 2014here is a +New Media menu item for this, but the only time you really do this is when adding a Post, Page, or Event.   Click Add Media button just above the Post edit menu. You will go to a page with Media that is already uploaded to choose from.  You can use one of these but DO NOT edit or change any of them because someone else is using them on their posts. You will most likely click Upload to add your image. It is OK if it is a duplicate or someone else has one just like it. There is plenty of storage space. Here you can choose to add an Image, create a new Gallery or use an exiting Gallery. To add a new image click Upload and follow the directions. Drop files or select them from your files and Upload.
You then click Insert into Post or Insert into Page.  It will add it at the location of the cursor on the edit menu, you can drag it around once it is inserted just like MS Word. You can edit the image size, layout, links. I added all the images on this page on the fly while I was writing. Add as many images as you like since we have a lot of storage space on the site.


There will be icons for adding video from Youtube, Vimeo, or other streaming video hosts.  You can upload videos directly to the site, but they will not stream well. On Youtube you click the Share button and copy and paste the URL from the window to the form on the Post edit page that you see after you click the Youtube icon.Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 6.07.37 AM, Oct 22, 2014


You should upload PDF files from the Add Media button on the edit Post page, then create a link to them in your Post or Event.  Most browsers have PDF viewers so it is very user friendly. Readers will not have to download your PDF to read it. I love this feature of being able to preview a PDF without having to download it.   If you click the Add Media button you will see some PDF files I uploaded. If you click on one of these as if to insert it you will see the URL for the file on the right. You will copy and paste this URL to create a link to the PDF. Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 5.42.24 AM, Oct 22, 2014
For an example, go to Members>Resources>Introduction to Troop 64 and at the top you will see the link to the PDF version. If you click on it it will open in your browser (if you have this feature in your browser enabled) and you can choose to download it or not.   I took the liberty of copying the file to a live Post categorized as a Document since it is easier to update and read, and someone can easily update it at any time,  but I left the link to the PDF for now.
I discourage the use of PDF files for files that you may want to keep up to date or edit in the future. It is easier to add them as a Post. They will automatically get categorized, and the date and author added so they will be archived and easily searched for. You can go back in at any time and update it and not worry about out of date orphaned files on everyone’s computer.  I transferred most of these types of PDF files from the old site to live Posts that you will see in the Members>Resources section.  Files such as Eagle Project books must be PDFs.   You will need something like Acrobat to copy the content of a PDF to a post, or else use the original Word file if you have it.
I created a Category for Meeting Plans so that they can be published as Posts on the site, categorized, and archived. Anyone who subscribes to the site would get an email of the Plan when it is published.



You will want links on your site. For images click the pencil icon edit button when hovering over the image and add the link in the form. Otherwise highlight the text your want to use as a link and click the chain icon and an Insert/edit link form will open.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 5.47.05 AM, Oct 30, 2014

Copy the URL from the browser bar of any page you wish to link to, and paste it in the URL box in the form.

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 11.02.19 AM, Nov 1, 2014

Putting Emails in your Posts

You will want to do this occasionally. For example you may post an announcement and want people to Email you back. DO NOT type out an Email address anywhere on the site. You can use an image of the Email address and add a link to it. Web crawlers are special programs that find Email addresses on websites and sell them to spammers. If you do not want to create an image then create a mailto link to a name or some other text in your post.   Use the Insert/edit link button that you would use for URL links an instead write mailto:email address , for example:

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 11.12.22 AM, Nov 1, 2014



These are handeled a little different then Posts. You can add them from the Add Media button into a Post if you want. However you will most likely want to add these to the Gallery or other page you are editing. The Gallery option in the top menu is only available when you are editing a Post or Page.  
If you do not see the Gallery menu then click the Dashboard button.
Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 10.25.00 AM, Nov 1, 2014
The drop down menu will give you some choices. You will be interested in Add Gallery/Images and the Manage Albums items.
If you click the Add Gallery button you will be taken to a page that allows you to drop and upload images into a Gallery.  Highlight all the images files you want to transfer than drag them to the window. You can also choose to upload a file. If you have a lot of images or they are large images compress them into a ZIP file and drag it over because the upload can take quite a while otherwise.
Make sure you name the Gallery and you hit the Start Upload button or the files will not go anywhere.  Check the drop down menu to see if an Gallery for your event has already been created. If so, select it and use it and just add files.
To get your images them to show up on the Gallery page you will need to add them to an Album which have been created for each Scouting year on the website’s Gallery page. Go back to the Gallery drop down menu item and select Manage Albums.
Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 6.34.24 AM, Oct 22, 2014
Select an Album from the drop down menu or Add new album if you do not see one you like. Simply drag the Gallery you created, which will be in the center column, to the other Galleries under the Album you selected, which will be in the left column. You can drag the Galleries into any order.
Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 6.36.42 AM, Oct 22, 2014
If you create a new Album then it will need to be added to the Gallery menu before it will show up on the webiste, so let the webmaster know.
At this time there are few images yet for years 2012-2014 so if you have some please practice adding Galleries to these years.


 Go to the front page and be sure to subscribe to the site via Email to receive a notice of any new announcement or post on the site. When you add a Post anyone who subscribes will receive an Email excerpt of your post when you click Publish.
 Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 10.57.16 AM, Nov 1, 2014 


Anything uploaded through WordPress is kept in a MySQL data base that is automatically backed up at least once a week. Over time the database will create a library or achive of everything Troop 64.
Good luck using, authoring, or editing the site. If you need help contact the webmaster or leave a reply.
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